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nexLoop data centres are suitable for colocation as a strategic data centre.

Compact and modular

nexLoop data centres are located throughout the country in a compact and modular manner. This means that we can always install them using the latest technology and respond flexibly to individual requirements and demands.

In the design of all nexLoop data centres, a number of measures have been taken to avoid breakdowns and guarantee the continuity of your services.

Redundant and available

In order to remain constantly operational, each site is equipped with emergency devices, up to and including the mobilisation of a mobile emergency generator. Provisions for power supply and distribution, cooling and connectivity are also present in a redundant manner to ensure the availability of your data. In the event of a failure, the second installation will automatically take over our services. All installations are maintained and tested by partners, each of which is a reputable company.

Of course, you want an uninterrupted and always available connection for the transport of your data. Each nexLoop data centre has a dual attachment to its fibre optic network via two separate paths to offer you the best SLAs.


nexLoop offers customers the quality, flexibility and service they need to access your data 24/7. At nexLoop you can buy 1 kW per rack instead of the usual 2 kW. You can even buy 20 kW per rack if you wish. We don’t use standard product lists, we prefer customisation. Your needs are at the centre of our concerns. And thanks to the intelligent technologies we use, we often save you money.

Contact us: contact@nexloop.fr