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Since 2013, Emmaüs Connect, an association of the Emmaüs movement, has made digital inclusion its core business. The association supports people in precarious situations by providing essential digital skills to them. Emmaüs offers equipment and connection solutions (telephone and mobile phone refills, computers and smartphones at low prices), support for digital literacy courses and short workshops, and mediation in its 12 reception centers throughout France.
Until now, Emmaüs Connect has supported more than 42 000 people and aims to reach 30 000 new beneficiaries over the next two years. As the Covid 19 health crisis increase the most disadvantaged people’s isolation, Cellnex France, through its values, intends to act by supporting Emmaüs Connect. Cellnex’s partnership enables to finance digital training for disadvantaged people and, to the long term, the participation of the group’s employees through voluntary work on workshops.

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Arteria is a subsidiary of RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Électricité), created in 2002. It is an electronic communications operator, responsible for enhancing RTE’s telecom assets (24 000 km optic fiber networks, several thousands of high points). These fibre-optic and antennas elevated locations networks are made available to all telecom operators and to local authorities as part of their public networks (the Arteria managed networks are then mobilized in nearly 40 departements in France). In addition, Arteria offers the Internet of Things (IoT) to all territories, all local authorities and all companies, as industrial, craft or agricultural. The Cellnex and Arteria contract cover the marketing and provision of services related to the 200 existing telecoms Arteria masts, as well as more than 600 land holdings that could accommodate new ones. Within this project, Cellnex demonstrates its determination to strengthen its position as an independent telecommunications infrastructure operator in France, by joining forces with Arteria, an established player in every region of the country, on all territories, urban and rural, dense and less dense.

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Created in 2012 to support the France Très Haut Débit Plan, InfraNum brings together 215 companies within the digital infrastructure sector (design offices, operators, integrators, equipment manufacturers, service providers, etc.).

As an industrial partner for all connected territories, Infranum does not only support the digital development but also the development of uses in the territories, by assisting them in setting up a neutral, open and shared infrastructure. In 8 years, InfraNum has become a privileged contact for the Government and the main French decision-making bodies dedicated to digital technology evolutions.

Cellnex will deploy the 3rd largest fibre optic network on the metropolitan territory and will become a major player in very high speed broadband networks. Then it makes sense for Cellnex to be a partner of InfraNum and stay connected with the others key partners of the sector.

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AVICCA (Association des Villes et Collectivités pour les Communications électroniques et l’Audiovisuel) is an independent association whose mission is to federate local authorities involved in digital technology. AVICCA enables its local member authorities to pool their experience and influence legislation upstream.
AVICCA coordinates its positions with the major generalist associations of local authorities: AMF, France Urbaine, ADF and Régions de France and plays a key role on the territories’ proposals to the ministries, the Parliament and the State services. Beyond infrastructures and networks, AVICCA’s work areas include digital education, GIS, smart territories, territorial communication on deployments, audiovisual…
Cellnex France Groupe, according to its values of proximity, is a partner of AVICCA in order to be attentive to the needs of local authorities and, then, to better fit with their expectations.

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