Cellnex is the main infrastructure provider for wireless telecommunication in Europe.

By using Cellnex’s telecommunications infrastructure, mobile network operators (MNOs) can offer their customers maximum accessibility and coverage.

Bouygues Telecom and Cellnex Telecom have entered into a strategic partnership in 2020 representing an investment of more than €1 billion that will use nexLoop to deploy a national fibre optic network. 

This strategic partnership opens up major prospects, thanks to this high-performance fibre optic infrastructure, which will accelerate the deployment of fixed and 5G broadband services. 

In total, more than 31,000 km of optical fibre will be deployed, including more than 15,000 km of metropolitan loops covering the 100 largest French conurbations.

Cellnex will also own and operate, with nexLoop, more than 180 data centres throughout France to host all types of sensitive data and applications. 

This geographical coverage will enable nexLoop to offer neutral hosting solutions close to its customers thanks to a network and density never before deployed in France.

A long-term relationship

For many years, Cellnex has been working closely with mobile network operators, both in France and throughout Europe. This cooperation is based on mutual trust, a high level of service and a shared desire to make new applications possible in line with the arrival of new technologies.

Strategic location

Cellnex France’s telecommunications infrastructure is strategically located to meet the needs of our telecom customers throughout France, in both urban and rural areas.

Site construction

Cellnex is continuously developing its infrastructure and is therefore always looking for new sites. These could be ground locations, but also rooftop locations on churches, schools or other high buildings.

At the request of MNOs too, we build new sites corresponding to the desired research areas. Cellnex covers the entire process from start to finish, including the landlord relationship, the installation of the pylon, requests for changes to the site, site security, access management, and the management of green spaces. In addition, we carry out annual preventive maintenance.

Existing and future technologies

The development of next generation networks is an important priority for Cellnex. As such, the infrastructure is not only adapted to existing technologies, such as GSM, LTE, TETRA, UMTS and WIMAX, but also for new and alternatives technologies, such as 5G, Sigfox and LoRa.

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