Valuation of property assets


Telecommunications leases have a specific character. Expertise is crucial in this field, not only on the technical aspects of site development, but also on the financial conditions and the various contractual possibilities. 

Cellnex has a long experience, especially international, which enables it to propose attractive offers to landlords.

Cellnex is a financially innovative company with a diversified range of offers; Cellnex analyses and proposes the most suitable offer, taking into account the needs and expectations of landlords.

New sites

Cellnex must continually expand its portfolio of sites and offers to acquire or lease land over long terms periods, while also looking for rooftop locations for office or residential buildings.

Cellnex offers financially advantageous purchase or rental options over the long term that guarantee sustainable income for the landlord.

Cellnex has perfect expertise in the management of mobile telecommunications and data communication stations, which guarantees a serene and long-lasting partnership relationship.

Our know-how

– Recognised expertise in the deployment and operation of telecommunications network infrastructures.
– A real estate department totally dedicated to relations with landlords and the administrative and financial management of lease contracts. –
A territorial organisation to be as close as possible to the local realities of landlords and institutions.
– An investment capacity and financial agility offering “turnkey” solutions to meet the specific financing needs of landlords.

Our commitments

– Cellnex has long-term partnerships with mobile phone operators that enable it to guarantee its commitments.
– Secure and reliable management of site access, whether on rooftops or pylons. –
A close relationship with our landlords that guarantees we listen to their expectations and complaints.
– Operational excellence in connectivity.

This means that your real estate assets are managed with complete peace of mind.

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