Indoor Coverage


Coverage and capacity

Cellnex has extensive experience in DAS/SC solutions. We have already deployed more than 4,500 multi-operator DAS/SC nodes in diverse locations as stadiums, concert halls, skyscrapers, shopping centres, city centres, railway lines and stations, medical centres, …

The market for indoor and outdoor “small cells” is about to become the main growth driver for the telecommunications infrastructure sector in the coming years. It is estimated that 350,000 small cells will be deployed in Europe by 2020.

Connectivity: anytime, anywhere

Mobile phone users expect a perfect connectivity in all types of locations (indoor & outdoor) without service interruption. In order to provide good mobile connectivity in the busiest and most difficult to cover locations, Cellnex offers its DAS service, offering to meet the coverage and capacity requirements of today’s wireless subscribers.

Wholly-owned subsidiary of the Cellnex France group since 2019, Springbok mobility develops and operates dedicated indoor infrastructures for real estate companies and businesses, in existing or planned buildings, within a global service contract: Mobile Inside.

This contract contributes to ensuring that buildings are 100% connected by proposing “Mobile Inside buildings”. Its leitmotiv is to bring connectivity to the heart of the building with a flexible business model and a controlled management of Quality of Service and radio frequency exposure over the long term. 

Based on its knowledge and longstanding experience, Cellnex handles the entire project, including coordination with mobile phone operators.

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