Why choose nexLoop fibre?

nexLoop deploys “latest generation” fibres that guarantee simplicity in managing and evolving needs: as connectivity requirements increase, the necessary speeds are adjusted at the end devices. 

nexLoop guarantees technological independence, which allows services to evolve at any time without the cost and time constraints of operators’ packaged offers.

nexLoop guarantees maximum availability, with the possibility of benefiting from fibre tracings and adductions based on secure optical loops. nexLoop provides a 100% private network, guaranteeing total confidentiality of your data.

nexLoop supports companies and operators in all their interconnection projects, tailored to their needs, from design to implementation with its dedicated teams, whether it is a simple point-to-point fibre link or a secure loop.Combined with its fibre-optic network, nexLoop currently deploys more than 180 5G data centres, positioned as close as possible to urban areas to meet the latency requirements of the population. These data hosting sites, which will be spread throughout the country, will be able to accommodate the most sensitive data while offering proximity and resilience for global support in data management and security.

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