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Private and Critical Networks


Businesses are increasingly dependent on mobile communications for their critical processes. The capacity, specific performance (KPIs), availability and security of the mobile network are crucial.

Critical and private networks are characterised by their high availability and performance, both in terms of bandwidth and response time.

Cellnex offers mobile, voice and data communication networks for closed user groups that require reliable service and guaranteed performance levels.

For these networks, Cellnex offers both analogue and digital technologies (DMR, TETRA, LTE). In order to guarantee the performance of a private network, licensed frequency bands are made available by the regulator for customers on the French market.

Private Mobile Network As-a-Service 

Many companies see the benefits of a private mobile network, but deplore a lack of in-house expertise to implement and maintain such a network themselves. It is also recognised that an organisation prefers to invest its resources in its own core business rather than in communication networks. With the ” Private Mobile Network As-a-Service ” solution, Cellnex takes charge of the entire project, from the initial investment to the implementation and corrective and evolutionary maintenance.

Contact us: info@cellnextelecom.fr