Cellnex is Europe’s leading provider of wireless telecommunications, with more than 50,000 sites in several European countries.

In today’s digital transformation, it is increasingly crucial to transport, store, process and make data accessible in a fast and secure way (the so-called “data ecosystem”). Cellnex supports organisations in all areas of the data ecosystem. This enables companies to make optimal use of the (new) possibilities offered by digital technologies.

Data centres (Edge Data centre)

The consumption of data continues to grow and will increase exponentially in the coming years. The explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and services around the “smart city” will further accentuate the necessary computing speeds and capacities.

The role of information technology is becoming more and more important in business processes. The more critical these processes are, the more important it is to store qualitative data.

Cellnex, with its Edge Data Center and Edge Computing connected offer, wishes to meet these information processing needs by being as close as possible to the subscriber.

Eventually Cellnex will own and operate with nexLoop more than 180 data centres across the country to host all types of sensitive data and applications. 

Thanks to its geographical coverage, nexLoop provides a neutral hosting solution close to its customers thanks to a network and density never before deployed in France.  

From the ¼ bay to the dedicated suite, from the high-density bay for critical applications to the closest to its users, nexLoop makes its high-density, secure, modular sites available for optimal management of companies’ fixed/mobile and IT infrastructures.


The challenges of high-speed connectivity, network and application availability are growing through the implementation of robust and resilient data networks.

Fibre is therefore essential in the construction of companies’ digital services, both for their internal needs and for their customers.  

In 2020, Bouygues Telecom and Cellnex Telecom have formed a strategic partnership representing an investment of more than €1 billion that will use nexLoop to deploy a national fibre optic network. 

This strategic partnership opens up major prospects, thanks to this high-performance fibre optic infrastructure, which will accelerate the deployment of fixed and 5G broadband services and improve the services provided by businesses to their customers. 

More than 31,000 km of optical fibre will be deployed, including more than 15,000 km of metropolitan loop, covering the 100 largest French conurbations, to provide access to optical fibre and support companies in their digital and digital transformation.

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