The Cellnex group in France

Cellnex group subsidiaries in France

Cellnex in France was created in July 2016 as part of an initial agreement to purchase telecommunications sites from Bouygues Telecom. This first batch includes more than 600 sites across France. In February 2017, thanks to a new agreement with Bouygues Telecom, the company quickly became a key player in the segment of infrastructure services to French telecoms operators.

The agreement with Bouygues Telecom was based on two projects. The first, from 2017 to 2020, involved the purchase of 2,400 rooftops terraces. The second involved the construction of 3,700 new sites until 2028.

The vast majority of the sites occupy quality locations in densely populated areas, an ideal Situation for the future deployment of 5G.

As Bouygues Telecom is the main tenant of these sites, the two companies have signed a framework service agreement for an initial period of 15 years, which may be renewed for the same period. 

Cellnex also acquired 5,700 sites belonging to Free Mobile by creating the subsidiary On Tower France, owned 70% by Cellnex and 30% by Iliad. A parallel agreement was also signed providing for the deployment of 2,500 new sites by 2023.

Once this entire portfolio of sites is fully deployed and integrated, Cellnex will operate more than 14,000 sites in France, in high demand areas, and will be ready to capture the future organic growth associated with the arrival of 5G.

In addition, Cellnex is building a fleet of new strategic telecommunications centres with high data processing capacity for the networks of the future, also known as “Central Offices” and “Metropolitan Offices”. 

In 2018, Towerlink France set itself the target of rolling out 100 Edge Data Centres by 2023. These Edge Data Centres are located in Very Dense Areas and are intended to cluster traffic from 5G networks, edge computing and meet other needs of fixed and mobile networks.

Finally, nexLoop France was created in 2020 to roll out a 31,500 km fibre optic network to boost 5G. The company is 51% owned by Cellnex and 49% by Bouygues Telecom. The construction and acquisition of +180 Edge data centres by nexLoop and Cellnex is also ongoing.