Cellnex France


Cellnex France was created in July 2016 as part of an initial agreement with Bouygues Telecom to purchase telecommunications sites. This first agreement covers more than 600 sites throughout France.

In February 2017, a new agreement with Bouygues Telecom on two projects enabled Cellnex France to become a key player in the infrastructure services segment for French telecom operators:
– The first project, from 2017 to 2020, enabled the purchase of 2,400 “rooftops terraces“.
– The second involves the construction of 3,700 new sites until 2028.

The vast majority of the sites occupy quality locations in densely populated areas, an ideal situation for the future deployment of 5G.

As Bouygues Telecom is the main tenant of these sites, the two companies have signed a framework service agreement for an initial period of 15 years, which may be extended for an identical period.

Contact us: info@cellnextelecom.fr

Our management

Vincent Cuvillier
Managing Director
Cellnex France Group

Agnès Peyre
Site Management Director
Cellnex France

Loic Besnard
Sales Director
Cellnex France / On Tower France
Olivier Jamet
Director of Operations
Cellnex France

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